Delivering a competitive edge in your talent strategy

Comprehensive data to improve sourcing accuracy backed up by Artificial intelligence that connects you with candidates in minutes instead of days

TalentEdgeAI distills data and streamlines the candidate evaluation process:


Scans the target market for your requirements and salary range


Identifies a prequalified pool of candidates


Initiates communications and schedules interviews

Completes Interviews

Completes automated interviews with feedback to both parties

Candidates Informed

Keeps candidates informed, right through to hiring decisions

All in One

No need for switching between platforms, or manually evaluating hundreds of resumes.
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We've included a fully functional starter admin dashboard

We give recruiters and hiring managers the AI edge to find, engage, interview and select the best people with one integrated solution.

Recruit and hire the best candidates, in less time, at lower cost.

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Improve Hiring Manager Experience

Hiring Managers provide candidate requirements and do not have to filter through endless resumes. Instead, they receive a summary of candidates interviewed via AI, select those they wish to interview in second round, and have those interviewed prepopulated on their calendar

Improve Recruiter Productivity

Recruiters quickly select market based on workforce data, drill down to candidate lists, and send invitations to interview to candidates. Recruiters can handle 4x as many requisitions, leverage machine learning for continuous candidate communication, and will complete days of administrative and scheduling activity in minutes.

Improve Candidate Experience

Candidates have control over when they complete both the first and second round interviews and are kept up to date on their place in the process at every stage. By controlling the calendar and the communication, the candidate doesn’t have any of the frustration they face in the traditional ‘apply and wait’ job search model.

Try Now as an Employer

  • Accelerate the speed and accuracy with which your TA team can source and hire talent.
  • Leverage workforce insights to benchmark compensation.
  • Leverage predictive workforce data to forecast cost and hiring demand.

Try Now as a Staffing Company

  • Increase Recruiter capacity and productivity
  • Increase operating margins with real-time pay rate visibility and reduced cost per hire
  • Increase speed to revenue with automated communication and AI enablement
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